Mission Statement

We are determined to go…


1. A caring and self-supportive Diocese

The Diocese of Queenstown comes to a turning point in it’s history: the time is ripe for a metanoia in it’s mentality, nl. We have to go from “Mission Diocese” towards a “Local Church” and that Church has to proof that it is adult enough to stand on it’s own legs and even to care for them who are on the way in that same direction. Passivity in quite a lot of domains has to make place for Activity and that under the motto: WE WANT AND WE WILL DO IT OURSELVES

2. Using the talents and skills of all

Being a rural Diocese does not mean that we don’t have talented or skilled people. We have them indeed, and there is no reason at all to nurse inferiority complexes when we look up to more “fortunate” metropolitan dioceses….

The Sacrament of Baptism turns all of us into God’s children, belonging to His Royal People: a matter of fact which should fulfill us sufficiently with such a  pride about our identity thriving us towards a clearly committed Catholic Life for which we contribute with pleasure with our skills, talents, and all other means being within our reach.

3. A Pastoral Plan of Action

Towards Mankind made in His own Image and Likeness, God said: “Bring the earth under your control” This is still our task today: we have to make our world more and more beautiful giving it an atmosphere of joy, justice and peace in order to make it, on a daily basis, an increasing piece of Heaven. This plan of action is really needed in today’s world, torn into pieces by a lot of elements and ideologies not coming from God. The plan is also “Pastoral” because it follows Jesus Christ as the “Good Shepherd” (Pastor Bonus) praying to the Father that “His Kingdom would come” and “His will would be done on earth as it is in Heaven

4. One commonly shared vision

Our Diocese is part of this world, and, within that Diocese, we want to share commonly a vision which is typical for the whole of the Catholic Church. Our Pastoral Plan of Action is neither the fruit of an materialistic ambition nor the product of an emotional longing for cheap sensation. Christ said clearly: “Go and teach all the nations, baptize them in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and see, I will be with you all the days of the world”  Our commonly shared vision is a world where Christ has again his place, and that as the Son of God and as the Saviour and Redeemer of this world bringing back to the Father everybody who was lost. With Him, the Christ, we come in Action where we do everything possible to the Infinite Honour and Glory of God by destroying sin and saving souls.

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